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Writing, formatting and editing your book are all important. So too is the cover and the book description. But it is no good having the best book ever written if you cannot get it ‘out there’, into the public domain.


Marketing your book is equally important and needs as much research, care and effort as actually writing and producing a book.


We at Marmalade can provide the necessary marketing services either ourselves or we can point you in the direction of third party providers  - whichever you choose.


There are many helpful books and articles on “how to” market self-published books. Below are a couple of links that you may find useful.

We follow many of the suggestions made in these books. As you will learn, there are many pitfalls, ‘does’ and ‘don’ts’.


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Cover Design & Blurb

The cover of your book is the first point of marketing. Something that is visually stimulating in terms of the title and the cover design will ensure that more people are likely to choose it with a view to buying.


The ‘blurb’ on the back of the book describing what the book is about is important too. Once someone takes your book off the shelf, they need to quickly understand what the book is about and why it should be bought.


The cover for your book are available for free (text only), or we can help you create a more professional and eye-catching cover design for your book.


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You choose retail value or price of book

For paperback books, we can offer suggestions for the retail price, but ultimately, it is up to you what you decide is appropriate.  


This is the same for your Kindle ebook, where we can advise you on the royalty percentages and the price you would like to sell it at.


These prices can be changed at any point, however, it is worth bearing in mind that there are minimum prices that Amazon and the Print On Demand company have for your book, otherwise they would be making a loss, but aside from this, it’s completely up to you.

Book description

For the back cover, protocol is to add a blurb or description onto a plain design.


This service is offered for free as part of our standard package. If you’d like a different design for your back cover, this can be done for an additional charge. 

The book description on Amazon is used to describe and sell the book to potential readers and ideally should be roughly 150 words.

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You can sell your book all over the world

As the copyright owner of your work, you are free to market and sell your book anywhere you choose, subject to the law in each jurisdiction.


We have links with over 100 independent book shops in the UK and abroad. We can market to those outlets as part of our marketing services.


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