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Audio Production


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Our first venture into the world of audio production began with one of our authors who wanted to produce an Audiobook to accompany a Paperback and eBook release. 

Ever since, we have offered audiobook recording as part of our services. 

Audiobooks are a growing area of the market, with many more people now consuming their books in this way due to either having busy lives or just having grown to prefer it.


We recommend you produce one so as not to miss this burgeoning market opportunity and as part of your marketing strategy for your book release. 


Usually, we recommend that Non-Fiction books are recorded by the author and that fiction books are recorded by a professional actor. But this is not set in stone.


This is a special process dealt with exclusively by our Managing Director. He would be happy to discuss your requirements and the costs and process with you in more detail.


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Radio & Podcasts

Marmalade Jam Productions - Icon.png

Having worked with writers on their radio scripts, we have also broadened our scope to recording it too. 

Depending on the size of the project and availability, we are able to record radio plays in-house. We have specialist recording and editing facilities that enable us to produce work to the highest standards.


[We are fortunate in being able to team up with unrivalled experience from the BBC and other media].


Here is short clip from a play that we recently recorded:

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