Manuscript Format & Editing

It is important that your manuscript is formatted correctly in readiness for printing.


You can choose to engage us to edit and critique your work but mostly, authors come to us with their work ready to be printed and have already proofread and checked for spelling and grammatical issues.


At the point at which your manuscript arrives with us, it is not expected to undergo further amendments to the content.


Nevertheless, we understand that sometimes, when the proof copy is seen and read, it is necessary to make some adjustments before the very final version is approved. We include in our price the ability to make one set of adjustments/amendments.


As an author, you want to really impress your potential readers. An easy way to deter them however, is slipping up on the basics. Having a second pair of eyes is invaluable, particularly when it comes to grammar, spelling and punctuation. Marmalade can assist you here, making sure that your manuscript is tight.


This can sometimes be an expensive process, however, at Marmalade we want to the best for our clients and offer a selection of value for money options. 


Marmalade offer a Fast Proofreading service, which will focus on key parts of the book such as the beginning of chapters, as well as the beginning and end of the book, but also skim generally, looking for the most obvious errors. This is particularly useful for Amazon, because prospective readers will read out the free preview before deciding to proceed.


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ISBN and Barcode Number provided for paperback

Before you can sell your book through the usual channels, your book will require an ISBN and barcode. We ensure that your book has these as part of our core publishing fee.

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You can sell your book all over the world

As the copyright owner of your work, you are free to market and sell your book anywhere you choose, subject to the law in each jurisdiction.


We have links with over 100 independent book shops in the UK and abroad. We can market to those outlets as part of our marketing services.

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Sending us your work

Your work must be sent in an electronic format.


Use our website submission form below, otherwise send it as a Word file attached to an email.


Microsoft Word is the preferred format for the submission. Your work will be held by us on terms of confidentiality. It does not belong to us and we will hold it to your order and deal with it as agreed and required by law.


If your work needs to be typed up on to a computer, we can help.


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