Self-Publishing Made Simple

You have finished your book and you want to get it published and made available for people to buy. You're stuck. Relax.


Once Marmalade Publishing agrees to take on your book, we will look after the publishing process for you – whether as a signed author or as an “Indie” self-publisher. Working with us is easy and ensures that your hard work is converted to a high quality finished product you can be proud of.


Our Step by Step Guide makes the whole process easy to understand and follow. 

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You keep ALL rights to your book

As a self-publisher, once the book is published, you retain all of the copyright to your book. Marmalade will not retain any copyright to the book at all.

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Full control of the book after publication

YOU have full control over your book after publication. We can of course assist you where agreed in the post publishing aspects of your book. Please read on for more information as to the types of services we can provide to our self-publishers.

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You choose retail value or price of book

For paperback books, we can offer suggestions for the retail price, but ultimately, it is up to you what you decide is appropriate.  


This is the same for your Kindle ebook, where we can advise you on the royalty percentages and the price you would like to sell it at.


These prices can be changed at any point, however, it is worth bearing in mind that there are minimum prices that Amazon and the Print On Demand company have for your book, otherwise they would be making a loss, but aside from this, it’s completely up to you.

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You keep all the Royalties from the sale of your book

Amazon will account to you directly for royalties in respect of books that they sell. They usually report every six months depending on volume of sales and other factors.


Most Independent Book Shops will sell on a ‘sale and return’ basis if they chose to list your book. How frequently they report and pay your royalties/profit share will vary from bookshop to book shop. 

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ISBN and Barcode Number provided for paperback

Before you can sell your book through the usual channels, your book will require an ISBN and barcode. We ensure that your book has these as part of our core publishing fee.

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Copyright Protected

Copyright in any work vests automatically in the author. In most instances, proof of authorship is sufficient to protect copyright in your work.


Copyright law is a complicated subject and varies in each legal territory although in most developed countries the law is broadly similar.


Copyright should also be established in the book cover design and it is advisable to get an assignment of the design copyright from the designer. We can help ensure that happens – and at no extra cost to you.


One of our team is a retired Intellectual Property Lawyer and has experience in the field of copyright throughout Europe and the USA. If any issues arise then we will be happy to provide guidance and a free initial consultation.

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You can sell your book all over the world

As the copyright owner of your work, you are free to market and sell your book anywhere you choose, subject to the law in each jurisdiction.


We have links with over 100 independent book shops in the UK and abroad. We can market to those outlets as part of our marketing services.


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Sending us your work

Your work must be sent in an electronic format.


Use our website submission form below, otherwise send it as a Word file attached to an email.


Microsoft Word is the preferred format for the submission. Your work will be held by us on terms of confidentiality. It does not belong to us and we will hold it to your order and deal with it as agreed and required by law.


If your work needs to be typed up on to a computer, we can help. 

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Text only

Our standard price applies to books with text only.


If you would like to include photographs or other graphics, an additional cost may apply. Please send us an email with any query you may have in this regard.


Other special formatting features including bullet points, footnotes, and tables, may also incur an extra charge. We do not always charge for such matters. Where appropriate we would discuss and agree any charges for ‘extras’ with you in advance.


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eBook Format

For details on our eBook Services, follow the link to the eBook page. 


For details on our Audiobooks services, follow the link to the Audiobooks page.


For details on our Marketing services, follow the link to the Marketing page.

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