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#1 on Amazon in three categories for Marmalade Publishing author

Launch week success. It’s official.

Following the official launch of author Paul Kolberg’s book Jesus & Kabbalah: The Lost Kingdom this week, Amazon ranked the eBook version #1 in three categories.

#1 Religious

#1 Kabbalah

#1 Kabbalah texts

#1 in 3 categories in launch week

#1 in Kabbalah Texts

#1 in Religious Studies

#1 in Kabbalah

Meanwhile, the paperback version is also climbing up the rankings and as at 26 March 2020 had reached:

Marmalade Publishing wishes to thank everyone that has bought the book and wishes them an enjoyable and informative read.

Director and founder Rafe commented:

“Amazon is an excellent platform to reach a wide reading audience for authors and indie-authors alike. Achieving such a positive outcome is satisfying and something that we seek for all our authors. We congratulate Paul on his excellent book and for Clays Ltd in producing such a wonderful product”.

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