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Marmalade Jam Productions produces audiobook for author at Resident Studios, London

Marmalade Jam Productions has just completed 3 days at Resident Studios in London, recording the audiobook version of Paul Kolberg’s amazing and controversial book, Jesus & Kabbalah – The Lost Kingdom.


Resident Studios

Over the course of three very intense recording sessions, Marmalade and Paul Kolberg laid down the audio version of his latest book. Marmalade Jam Productions is now editing and making the book ready for release by mid March 2020. Speaking about the experience at the North London Resident Studios, Rafe our founder said:

"We at Marmalade Jam Productions had an amazing and positive experience at Resident Studios in London, and found the staff very helpful, particularly Adam! We would fully recommend them to anybody recording any audio project".

Resident Studios, London


Audiobook Market

The audiobook market is rapidly growing and is for many people the most popular way to consume their books. A recent study showed that 1 in 5 Americans listened to audiobooks, with a growth of 6% from the previous year in 2018 (Perrin, 2019). In the U.K, as of 2017, audiobook purchases were up 12% year on year since 2012, and 104% when compared with 2013 (Beldham, 2018). With such shifts in the market, there is an ever-greater demand for publishers to provide these services. As Rafe noted:

...we were already publishing a paperback and eBook of Paul's new book, we knew he would greatly increase his audience if he produced an audio version."


Marmalade Jam Productions

Marmalade Jam Productions, which is part of the Marmalade Jam Group, supports Marmalade Publishing’s writers and Indie authors. They endeavor to assist authors in getting their audiobooks on to Audible, the world's largest platform for audiobooks. Marmalade recommends that fiction books are recorded by a professional voice actor, but non-fiction books such as Paul’s will benefit from the authenticity of the actual author recording their own work.

Marmalade founder, Rafe said:

"Paul has a lot of natural ability when it comes to acting and voice recording. Nevertheless, we were able to help him fine tune his skills and create an excellent product that we hope people will appreciate and enjoy. The whole process was enjoyable and rewarding".

Paul Kolberg - In the booth - Resident Studios, London



Andrew Perrin, "One-in-five Americans now listen to audiobooks", (Pew Research Center, 2019). URL:

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